Cedar Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

PO Box 133   Cedar MI 49621

(231)228-3378    cedarchamber@gmail.com



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I would like to become an active member of the Cedar Chamber of Commerce because: (list reasons below)


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Please list any other organizations that you are a member of and identify any office or committees on which you served while a member.


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I understand that this application will be proposed at a monthly meeting of the Cedar Chamber of Commerce.  If accepted for membership I will be notified by my sponsor and make a reasonable attempt to attend the next meeting to be introduced to the rest of the Chamber Members by my sponsor.

I understand Cedar Chamber members must remain active by participating in at least three meetings or working events annually to remain in good standing or pay an annual stipend of $10. I also agree to participate in Chamber activities and to help with projects if I am called on to do so.  I fully agree to support the decisions and actions of the Chamber. I understand that I will be entitled to all privileges that are extended to all members in good standing in the Cedar Chamber of Commerce


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If you have a second address for part of the year and wish to be contacted there,

please write it on the back